Karen is fantastic! She is very knowledgeable, particularly about rescue dogs and helped me understand a lot about my dogs behaviour. Karen has given me lots of exercises to help with recall and my dog has been a lot more focused on me during walks since. Karen is brilliant with dogs and is so passionate about what she does, would absolutely recommend!
— Alicia W
Karen stood out from other local trainers because of all the work she does with rescue & therapy dogs. Existing excellent reviews prompted me to email her and we set up 3 sessions (2 at home and 1 in the park) for my staffy puppy, who is very confident and food orientated! The bond between myself and my pup is incredible, and the reward and praise based consistent approach which Karen advised, has cemented this. My dog isn’t a troubled rescue, but I wanted to invest in our future together as a partnership in the same family and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Karen to do the same for you!
— Anna H
Karen is an amazing trainer & behaviourist and we are so grateful to know such an inspiring, impressive lady in the dog world. 😍 Not only is she incredibly informed & skilled, she also takes a wonderful holistic approach to dog training and helps improve all aspects of dog welfare. Karen is kind, calm, super knowledgeable and a very safe pair of hands. Highly recommend her, if only there were more Karens the doggy world would be a better place!
— Hannah H B
Karen was really helpful with Freddie and his issues with barking. She came to see us and spent a long time talking through our issues and what we’d tried previously. Her advice has been really useful and most importantly she’s kept in touch to offer further support and advice if we need it
— Emma C
Karen was great helping us with our rescue dog! She is very knowledgeable and friendly and her ideas to help with recall have worked a treat. We’d highly recommend her training for other rescues who are friendly but lack discipline!
— Anthony & Catherine
Karen worked brilliantly with my young lab boy, he responded so well to her training and has consistently continued with his programme. Karen oozed knowledge and was so very reassuring with us as a family. Karen has a really friendly, warm approach with her advice and my dog responded beautifully to her plan for him.

I would thoroughly recommend Karen. It took me a long time to find someone I felt would fulfil what I as an owner wanted, and my dog benefitted from. Karen is very thorough and keeps in contact with you after your training session with advice and encouragement. You can’t really ask for anything more when looking for training with your beloved dog.
— Angela C
I was put in touch with Karen via my dog walker. She came highly recommended and her advice and support did not disappoint!

Karen clearly has amazing knowledge and experience of working with rescue dogs. My dog Flo is a rescue dog (a scent hound) from northern Spain. Since Karen came to see Flo, her advice has helped me to settle Flo more easily when our cat is around. Flo has calmed down so much and her recall and obedience has improved. Karen also recommended a great natural dog food and this has also helped Flo to be calmer.

Thank you Karen! You’re amazing!
— Zoe H
Karen’s support and input has been invaluable in terms of helping us with Tilly. Since meeting Karen, Tilly’s recall has improved. We have altered Tilly’s diet to help with her energy levels and the distraction techniques recommended by Karen to help Tilly whilst she is at home alone have made a huge difference.

We can’t recommend Karen enough; we’re so grateful x
— Emmy S
What I love about Maher and Hound Dog Training is that Karen does this job from the heart and soul and her love of animals, it’s not just a job for her but a calling.

Karen has adopted and fostered abandoned and rescued dogs from Cyprus, poor dogs which have been neglected and abused and with Karen’s love, training and dedication these pups have opened up in confidence and affection. Karen has done wonders with Melvin, one of my foster pups from Cyprus. Melvin spent his entire life in a crowded cage with larger aggressive dogs, not only did Karen end up giving Melvin a forever home but her training techniques have transformed Melvin into a confident, loving and social pup.

Choosing Karen to train your precious dog will be one of the best decisions you can make. I highly recommend Karen and Maher & Hound Dog Training
— Jacquelina B

The work Karen does is amazing. She has a natural ability with dogs and understands their behaviours, making all dogs feel at home, safe and loved.
Rescue dogs become socialised and fit in well with any pack
— Gabriella M

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Karen Maher without a dog by her side. Ever since she was a fashion PR working in London, she had her faithful sidekick Nobby with her at all times. He was our office mascot at the Stella McCartney press office. His temperament and ability was all testament to his mistress Karen. Since then, I’ve seen Karen’s human and dog families grow - and the behaviour of all is still impeccable. Highly recommended!
— Roxanne T

Highly rated, Karen has a clear understanding of dog behaviours and has a great diversity of techniques with regards to resolving behavioural issues with dogs. I adopted two Shepherd Cross Romanian street dogs three years ago, and with great help and advice from Karen they soon settled to become the most beautiful family companions imaginable.
— James M

Having known Karen for over twenty years, she has never been without a fur baby, from the formidable Norbert to her amazing band of rescue dogs today. Her love and compassion for animals now combined with knowledge of obedience and behavioural training will put any dog owner at ease and I have no hesitation in recommending her.
— Tracy LM

Karen’s support and advice has been invaluable. Thank you Karen. Lots of doggie love from Pixie Poodles and Big Mia.
— Maria S

Karen is wonderful and has such a caring and understanding relationship with dogs. 
I would highly recommend her.
— Helen M

Karen has helped me so much through my journey to be a dog owner; from recommending rescue charities to advice on our pup. We ended up rehoming a 6 month old Spangold who is a dream but came with a certain lack of training due to his start in life. Karen recommended me a local trainer (as sadly I am too far from her to benefit directly) who was amazing. She also offered me invaluable advice on his behaviour, things that would occupy him and other traits of his breeds that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.
— Charlie A.S

Karen is an amazing lady, she adopted Melvin from our rescue and since then she has worked miracles on his behaviour and training ! If you are looking for a trainer who is always there, willing to help both owner and dog, then as a rescue we recommend Karen 100%.
— Despw P (Animals & Friends Cyprus)

Really helped us understand our dog’s behaviour & offer practical solutions. Highly recommended x
— Julie H (Romanian Rescue dog Sadie)

Karen is so in tune with dogs, especially rescues, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for support or advice with behavioural issues. She’s a natural with animals, always keen to help, and very easy to get along with, which of course makes the experience better for both the dog and the owner in question. Highly recommended!
— Eve M (Adoptions manager Wild at Heart Foundation)

Absolutely brilliant with rescue dogs. Highly recommended.
— Wendy B

Karen is a true professional and worked magic with our puppy! I can’t rate her enough.
— Amy W

I had a very useful consultation with Karen for my German Shepherd Cross Collie’s behaviour issues and have seen improvement after changing her diet and other suggestions made. Highly recommended.
— Shirley H

I would highly recommend Karen and the wonderful work she does with dogs. She is very knowledgeable, a great communicator and she has such a good rapport with all breeds, backgrounds and ages of dogs. Her work with rescue dogs is particularly impressive and shows what a brilliant dog behaviourist and trainer she is
— Helen T