Bespoke Training: Puppy, Dog, Rescue Dog

From £60 per hour or 3 x sessions for £160 (saving £20).

Rescue dog discount 10% off of all fees


Training can include:

• Sit • Down • Instant Down • Wait • Stay • Leave it • Loose lead walking • Recall (come immediately when called) • House training (including toilet training) • Crate training • Socialisation & Habituation • Setting your puppy or new dog’s routine • No jumping up • No play biting or chewing • Dog park ‘etiquette’ • Settle Down & Relax - on your mat / go to bed etc • Play, breed and age appropriate toys • Information on diet • Focus & Attention (Watch Me command) • Dog to dog interaction • No Biting & Mouthing • Fetch & Drop • Let’s Go - ensures a calm meet and greet with other dogs whilst out.


Behaviour Issues

Adult Dogs & Puppies

Behaviour Consultation: from £120 per hour - usually a minimum of 3 sessions are required - an initial assessment session and follow up training sessions.

Behaviour consultation and 2 follow up training sessions package: £220 (saving £20).

Rescue dog discount 10% off of all fees

Each behaviour session is followed up with a detailed report and training programme and further visits / telephone calls / email contact if required


I have a particular interest in Canine Behaviour and I can help with many different issues, explain the reasons why your dog is behaving this way and create and implement bespoke breed specific behaviour modification programmes for many problems such as:

• Separation related issues (Separation Anxiety) • Dog to Dog interaction issues • Aggression or fear towards other dogs • On lead reactivity • Excessive Chewing & Biting • Jumping up • Resource guarding (food, toys, sofa, bed etc) • House Training • Coprophagia • Excessive barking • Pulling on the Lead • Recall problems • Crate Training • Issues with nipping • Information on diet • Dog park ‘etiquette’ • Fear of: traffic, street walking, strangers (rescue dogs) • Information on diet and how this can effect behaviour.

I also offer Telephone / Skype consultations for: general puppy, dog and rescue dog advice certain areas of training or behavioural advice general diet advice advice on finding the right puppy breed / breeder £40 per hour.