Rescue Dog Training

Specialist Rescue Dog Training and Rehabilitation, run by a qualified dog behaviourist

I’m so excited that you have clicked through to this page to read more about how I can help you with my favourite breed - a rescue.

Most rescue dogs arrive with relatively few issues, so you’ll be looking for some fun training sessions & adventures, to celebrate your new rescue dog.

I currently have 4 rescue dogs of my own, including Fred, the rescue ‘Hound’ proudly honoured in my company name: Maher & Hound. 

The Rescue Dog Training service is not suited to behavioural issues such as reactivity, aggression, fear of people, separation anxiety, recall away from prey, jumping up at people and mouthing, or multi dog issues – please refer to the Behaviour page for a full behavioural consult before starting the training.

Available in person at Hursley, Winchester. For other locations please email via the contact form before booking.
For Zoom sessions please email via the contact form before booking.
Prices include a pre - training questionnaire, preparation, a 60 minute 121 training session, & training plans.