Rescue Dogs

I have 10 years experience working with and rehabilitating rescue dogs: from puppies, to former street dogs through to dogs who have sadly previously been abused by other dogs or people. I have worked with many breeds including Jack Russells, Labradors, Hounds, Spaniels, German Shepherds, Collies, Min Pin and many different crossbreeds.

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Charities I currently work with as a Canine Behaviourist and trainer include:

Underdog International

Spaniel Aid UK

Wild at Heart Foundation

Dogs2Foster UK

Animals and Friends Pound & Rescue Team, Cyprus

Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus

Through all of these dogs I have learned that dogs do live in the moment and that they therefore have an amazing ability to change completely, whatever their background.

Highly rated, Karen has a clear understanding of dog behaviours and has a great diversity of techniques with regards to resolving behavioural issues with dogs. I adopted two Shepherd Cross Romanian street dogs three years ago, and with great help and advice from Karen they soon settled to become the most beautiful family companions imaginable.”