Happy Gundogs (Pet Gundog Training), run by a qualified dog behaviourist

 Pet gundogs still have the same need and drive to do their 'job' as working gundogs.

This can lead to pet gundogs who really struggle to focus on walks, they can be easily distracted by prey scents, or they run off chasing birds or hunting for wildlife. 

Teaching these dogs the skills of a gundog can give them a more appropriate outlet for their breed drives, whilst showing them how to focus on you on walks.

 I use the most up to date, science based training methods that are proven to be effective and that have your dog’s welfare at heart. . 

 Happy Gundog Training is available for puppies and adult dogs – all breeds are welcome. 

The Pet Gundog Training service is not suited to behavioural issues such as reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety, recall away from prey, jumping up at people and mouthing, or multi dog issues – please refer to the Behaviour page for a full behavioural consult before starting the training.